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Anova's Senior Management Stories, Chapter 3: Alison l. Boyd, Esq., General Counsel and Director of Marketing

13 March 2019

“Studying and working in London for several years, just down the street from Lloyd’s of London, provided me with the multinational mindset I needed as a strong foundation for international logistics insurance.”

Following a career in international securities and finance law, Mrs. Alison L. Boyd, Esq., joined ANOVA in 2012, shortly after its inception, as General Counsel and Director of Marketing.

“I grew up in Rhode Island, always steps from the water, watching the ships come and go and I always felt connected to the shipping industry because of this simple aspect of my childhood. I even considered, at the beginning of my studies, a profession in the Navy as an attorney because of this; however, my focus on and fascination with international trade began later in law school when I became the research assistant to a renowned international law professor and Hague Delegate. She introduced me to the complexities in trade law and, naturally, I went on to also study maritime law and international commercial law to further explore and delve into this interest.”

Mrs. Boyd spent her summers in London studying and interning with English barristers, focusing on the comparative and complementary nature of British, European Union and American commercial law, always retaining her keen interest in the trade aspect therewith.

“Following graduation from law school, I returned to London, where I went on to earn my Legum Magister [Master of Laws] in International Trade Law from the University of Notre Dame Law School’s British campus. There, I studied under some of the most respected professors in the field, including visiting professors from Oxford and Cambridge, who taught me the fundamentals and complexities of trade law. I was also given the opportunity to travel to South Hampstead to study and experience the shipping industry firsthand. After earning my LL.M., however, new attorneys in London were mostly being pushed into writing securities for the large, multinational banks. So I found myself in a similar situation: working for a ‘Magic Circle’ firm in the City, in over my head in finance law!”

This “diversion” from international trade law lasted four years, even following Mrs. Boyd to South Florida, where she practiced in securities litigation until she was able to finally find her way back to trade with ANOVA.

“While working and practicing in international securities and securities litigation admittedly was never on my projected path, it was an incredible learning experience for me. The mentors I had, especially in London, challenged me and pushed me to branch out of my comfort zone (which did not include finance!) and expand my legal mindset. In fact, these mentors helped me to develop a meticulous eye for detail, which transcended beyond securities law and into my practice today.”

After ANOVA opened its doors in late 2011, Mrs. Boyd was offered an opportunity she could not refuse as General Counsel for her husband, Bradford Boyd’s, newly-formed company.

“Bradford and I shared the same interests in the maritime and trade industries when we met in law school; so, by virtue of our marriage, I was fortunate to be able to remain active and up-to-date in these fields even while I was still practicing in securities law. When the opportunity presented itself for me to join him at ANOVA, I did not think twice about transitioning and returning to my love of trade.”

Folding the insurance aspect into Mrs. Boyd’s trade law background added another layer of interest to her practice, which she enthusiastically took on.

“I am so fortunate to work in this fascinating industry that is constantly developing as it conforms to the ever-changing demands of international trade. At ANOVA, due to our Senior Management’s professional backgrounds, our business mindset and platforms are nimple and we are able to pivot easily along with the continued shifts in our industry. I am proud to work alongside my husband and amazing team as we seek to revolutionize logistics insurance and simplify our clients’ workload with our advanced services and systems.”

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